Autokey in Alicante, copy and repair.

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Autokey copy and repair in Alicante

Why go to a dealership to copy your autokeykeys in Alicante if you can do it in Juanjo Cerrajeros faster, comfortably and for less money?

In Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante we have the most advanced machines for copying the car remote control and autokeys in Alicante, be they simple autokeys or keys with remote control for remote opening so we can guarantee that the autokey will work perfectly and your vehicle as well. Do not risk having the autokey in Alicante on manual machines, as they can break the starter cylinder of your vehicle or cause it to wear prematurely due to the poor accuracy of the machines.



llaves de coche en Alicante autokeys

For copying the transponders (chip for the car boot) found inside all autokeys in Alicante and Spain from 2004 and in many in previous years, the latest generation of machines are needed. If the machine is not suitable or if the operator does not know well what he does he can block the vehicle creating a big problem. Trust in  Juanjo Cerrajeros, your locksmith company in Alicante with 20 years of experience.

Do you know that on a high percentage of occasions your autokey can be repaired? Repair of autokeys and car remote controls.

Juanjo Cerrajeros, your security specalist.


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