I need a locksmith near me Who do I call?

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Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante, your trusted locksmith.

It is essential that you make a good choice of a locksmith near to have a quality installation and fair prices. We are talking about your security.

Juanjo Cerrajero en Alicante locksmith near me

In Alicante there are many people who perform locksmith services. If we look at the yellow pages or look for in google there are many entries as a locksmith near me, however we recommend you to consider these categories of locksmiths that are offered:


  • Solution for unemployed.  The crisis has caused many people who do not have a job exit to do jobs considered as «handyman», plumbers, repairers of appliances, gardeners, carpenters, air conditioner installers, locksmiths and others. It is very lawful, and even desirable that people without work to earn a living, however to be a locksmith in Alicante is not enough just wanting it, you have to meet conditions that are not simple and are not available to everyone. Are you prepared for advising me on locksmithing, no you re not? Let yourself be advised by professionals.


  • Sticker locksmiths. This section includes many people who also fall into the first category. If you require a locksmith near Alicante, would you call a telephone that does not offer you any other information? It happens with this type of bidders who do not have a workshop, nor adequate tools, does not have tariffs, in many cases also have no company nor can offer an invoice or guarantee. Would you call one of these phones on a sticker to have your new car repaired? Why then do you sacrifice your security? 

Cerrajeros de pegatina NO. locksmith near me

  • Multiservice companies. We recently received an offer to work for a multiservice company, which we have obviously declined. Do you know how this particular company worked? We put the rates, so assuming that we make a service for which we would charge € 50 for going directly to you, the multi-service company charges 50% of our work. The result is that we would have to charge double to get our usual amount. If you call us directly to the customer it costs € 50, if it were through the multi-service company would cost € 100. And in case of using material the costs become already exponential. Why call an intermediary if you can directly contract with the locksmith near you in Alicante for much less matter and guaranteeing that also comes a professional that we choose ourselves?

 If you need a locksmith locksmith near me, call Juanjo Cerrajeros.

  • Professional locksmiths. As in all walks of life, ALWAYS the most appropriate is going to an expert to resolve any situation. A professional locksmith near you in Alicante must have to guarantee an expert and competitive service:

<> Rates for works.

<> He should always do the bill, whether you ask for it or not. With it you have a guarantee of the work done, in addition to fulfilling the obligations of every citizen.

<> He must have the knowledge of years of profession and studies taught by professionals of the companies of the sector, which are accessed from locksmiths associations of which it is convenient to be members, because they are governed by very suitable codes of ethics, to specialize in the very Different fields of the profession.

<> It is necessary to have the machinery and material pertinent to be able to offer to the client always the best option for him and not for the locksmith.

<>It is very interesting to work several brands to know the benefits and defects of each cylinder to solve any situation with solvency.

Contact Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante and we will advise you without obligation

Juanjo Cerrajeros, you security specialist.