Garage door opener copy in Alicante

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We copy any garage door opener you need in Alicante.

It happens in many occasions that we want to get copies of our garage door opener remote in Alicante and it’s really complicated. Because the administrator has changed and does not know the name of the original installer, either because this original installer has disappeared or because it is a distant installer and it is very difficult to get our garage door opener remotes.

In Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante we can copy ALL the existing garage door opener remotes in Alicante quickly, economically and with a guarantee. We use original material from leading brands such as CLEMSA or high-quality garaje door openers from national proven service companies.


Clemsa y otros mandos de garaje. Clemsa garage door opener

We can duplicate evolutive or fixed code garage door openers on the spot and with the guarantee of 20 years of experience working for you in Alicante.

In Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante we can also make you save money and facilitate the day to day, by unifying in a same garaje door opener remote several properties, just using a different button for each installation you open several garages with a single door remote.

We can copy mostly any garage door opener in the market.

This is very comfortable because in each vehicle we will carry a single garaje door opener with which you can open for example, the common garage of the condominium of your private home, the private door of your private garage in the condominium, the garage where you park in downtown Alicante to work and the home of your parents. Instead of 4 garaje door openers you will only need 1, saving a lot of money and hassles.

Both our original garaje door remote and the duplicators are high quality garaje door openers that will give you a similar range to the original control of the installation. If this range was not very far away with the original controls, the same thing will happen, however this can also be solved in Juanjo Cerrajeros by checking the receiver and installing an additional antenna in the worst case.

If the installation of garaje door openers in your condominium is CLEMSA, in Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante you can choose between a copy control of the same quality or an original CLEMSA remote. As for other brands different from CLEMSA, you can also request the originals, but will be under request, with copy controls we will solve on the spot.

If you want magnetic keys, we can also help you get your copies. Just as with the garaje door remotes, simply come to Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante on Calle Goleta, 21 with a garage door opener or garaje door key from the installation and we will make your duplicate on the spot.

Juanjo Cerrajeros, your security specialist.

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