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All your locksmithing needs in Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante

Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante is a locksmith company with 20 years of experience providing security in the province. Our services made by professional crew embrace all that includes with security and access controls, thousands of satisfied customers are endorsed.

Our services are tailored to your security needs, always thinking in your pocket, you can make cheap or high-end installations. The main and most demanded areas in which we can help you in Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante are the following:

  • MASTER KEY SYSTEMS: With more than 2,500 MASTER KEY SYSTEMS over the years, we can satisfy any need for locksmithing, from simple bonding of theeth cylinders to non-critical interior security doors such as an office, to high-end systems which comprise all common areas of a condominiums, segmenting who can enter where, and including the homes of each neighbor and all with a single key for each customer. You can expand the information in the Master Key System section of our website or by calling Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante on 965154887.
  • Security Cylinders: We are official distributors of most locksmith brands on the market, from high-end cylinders such as KESO and Expert to STS theeth cylinders, ISEO TESA and many others. We can make cylinders from an existing key, expand existing systems, improve the safety of your door with cylinders with special protections and many other actions. Remember that the cylinder of your house is one of the vulnerable points that the thieves look for. The so-called locksmith stickers and other unprofessional will install any cylinder regardless of the protections it has, or better said than it lacks. In Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante what concerns us is your security and we will give you the possibility to choose those security cylinders that are adjusted to your needs and possibilities.
  • Dierre Alicante: We can change with original material your lock for a europrofile by avoiding the serious security problem that has been created around the world with the launch of a lock pick that opens all the door with double bit keys as if he has the original key. In our locksmith store we can install antibumping, antipicking and anti-drill cylinder, snap and pulling protection so that you complete your security protecting against all known opening methods.
  • Security deadbolt locks: There are many people who install deadbolt locks, but not all deadbolt locks are the same, not all installations are done professionally. In Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante we install our own deadbolt locks designed by us with the experience of 20 years in the security market and joining the technologies and good ideas that we have observed in the existing security products. Our deadbolt locks are much more robust than those of the competition, with interchangeable cylinders, depending on the range that is required by each customer, as well as the possibility of increasing security with our range of security defenders with multiple advantages. Stop by our deadbolt locks section for more information.
  • After an exhaustive market investigation in which we have examined the entire range of armored doors offered by different manufacturers, we have decided to distribute the doors that we believe will meet the appropriate security conditions at very competitive prices that make the armored doors sold by Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante a very good option. Flanged shields, certified according to the latest UNE 85160 regulation from year 2013, with self-locking anti-theft locks and a heavy construction, are some of the essential characteristics in a armored door to keep in mind.
  • Safes: We have the widest range of safes throughout Alicante, with models that will meet the requirements of any customer. In most cases we have in stock the safe that is suitable for you, which can be carried on the spot, or it will be installed immediately by our expert staff. From guns to approved safes for gas stations and security companies, to large safes for large stores etc. In Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante we have your safe.
  • Car Keys: In Juanjo Cerrrajeros Alicante we are expert locksmiths and we can copy the keys of your vehicle, be it car, motorbike or truck on the spot and with an economic price. We can copy the mechanical part with total guarantee thanks to our last generation electronic machines, we also can copy the transponder or chips of your key and even the remotes of your car.
  • Garage remotes: We copy the remotes of any garage of Alicante, of the leading brands like CLEMSA or Remocón. Bring your order to our store and we will copy it on the spot. We are CLEMSA’s official distributors for Spain and we can carry out their original remotes, in addition to other brands on request, or in high quality copy garage remotes, with the guarantee of Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante.
  • Door Openings: Our locksmith professionals from Juanjo Cerrajeros can make non-destructive openings in most cases, and where this is not possible we can replace the systems that have been forced with total guarantee, at least equaling the quality of what exists. We will always recommend the best security solution for your home or business and you will choose the one that you think best fits your needs and economy.
  • Access Control Alicante: If you want to know who enters your company and at what time, restrict entry schedules or register entries and exits of your employees or relatives, prevent defaulter from entering the pool or other applications Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante is your company . We have solutions for all cases, since we are official distributors of the 3 of the best brands in the world.
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    Juanjo Locksmiths, your security specialist.