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Burglaries in Spain has increased by 60% since 2007

In burglaries the emotional aspect of the victims is more important than the economic one.

The Police in Spain is concerned. Not to generate alarm they do not say it publicly, but they are putting all their means to end a serious problem that does not stop to grow: the force burglaries in homes. In the first three months of 2013, more than 33,500 burglaries were committed to homes, an increase of 6.1% over the same quarter of the previous year (31,800), according to data from the Ministry of the Interior. The State Security Corps has special units that goes to the most problematic places to try to alleviate the commission of this type of crime that is of great concern to the citizens, not only from the economic point of view, but also and more importantly, from the psychological.

robos-de-viviendasMost of the time they are crimes against property and do not involve blood crimes but victims suffer from worrying psychological damage, with episodes of post-traumatic stress disorder (anxiety disorders) in most cases. No doubt knowing that your privacy has been violated for the purpose of stealing, insecurity, mistrust and fear increase. They are the most common sensations that victims of burglaries suffer in their homes, it is not in vain that the home is where people feel more protected and safe and if someone violently gets in, fear appears in greater proportion according to the opinion of several experts. The psychologist Conamgla stated in the newspaper La Vanguardia that «it is a violation of the intimate space, therefore, emotions are given free rein that we call ‘chaotic’ emotional psychology: uncertainty, defenselessness, sometimes rage, feeling Of injustice, of loss of control. »

Here are some statements from several people who have suffered these criminal acts:

  • Peter and his wife took several months to return to their country house after having suffered a burglary. The thieves took more than 5,000 euros worth of valuables and if those affected were already quite suspicious, since the event are even more.
  • Another victim was a victim of burglaries at her home a few years ago in Alicante. He remembers: «It was two o’clock in the morning and I heard a knock on the garage door. We thought (my husband and I) that the noise came from a neighbor’s house. As the television set was on, the thieves opened the car and sat down to wait for us to lie down and steal. Luckily a neighbor came back late from work and looked at the forced door. We rang the bell several times and shouting alerted that they were stealing us. The thieves noticed and fled. We saw three men fleeing from my garage. » For Mª Ángeles the event caused a certain sense of insecurity and weeks of «bad roll».
    Every day 75 burglaries occur in homes in the Valencian Community.
  • Irene works from home. One morning, about 12 noon, they rang the bell several times and thought they were commercials from an electrical company to offer her some offer and chose not to respond. «They rang the bell three times (two at the entrance door to the development and one at the top door). I looked out the window because I was so surprised and so suddenly, while I was still looking out, I started to hear noises in the door. I thought they were trying to pass a booklet under the door, but then I saw that they were putting an X-ray between the door frame, at the height of the lock. It all happened in a matter of seconds. When I realized that they were trying to enter the house, I ran to the studio where I work, I took the house keys because we did not have a lock and we had not locked it; Was down the hall, a meter from the door of the house, when they opened the door suddenly. They were two young men, well dressed in casual clothes. They were paralyzed when they saw me, I suppose they thought there was no one. I could see them perfectly, we were only a distance of a meter and almost got me with the door in the face. I yelled at them to leave my house and they ran. Immediately, I locked the door and called the police. I even watched as they ran down the sidewalk and got into a gray van, but I could not see the license plate. When the police arrived, they were gone. » After suffering this episode, Irene has become more «careful», although she recognizes that she has modified some of her habits, she is not afraid at present (the attempt of the robbery happened in August of 2012). «We have put a bolt and always close Locked when I’m at home. I watch people who are in the urbanization and even close when I go in the car, things that I did not worry before. Now I am more aware of the danger. At first I was afraid, but the police told me that they will not come back here if I recognize them and that I should not worry. Now I always answer when they ring the bell and I am attentive when I hear noises on the landing. It is clear that this has changed me, but, in general, I am not afraid and I do not feel unprotected either. It has simply led me to be cautious. «
  • “I’ve put bars in all the windows. My house is like a prison. I enter my home and I do not feel protected, I feel strange «, explains a young woman.

In Alicante burglaries have increased by 8.6%.

As for the case of the Valencian Community, in the first quarter of 2013 have exceeded 6,700 force burglaries in homes, suffering Alicante an increase of 8.6% over the previous year. Almost 75 homes a day are assaulted in our community.

According to the projections of a website specializing in insurance, in 2013 there will have been the highest number of burglaries in Spain since this index was measured in 1998, with about 132,500 crimes, which means that every year 1 in 190 Housing is assaulted.


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