Deadbolts with the best security of the market

Security deadbolts are installed by our professionals in about an hour, increasing the protection of the house thanks to its design that prevents access to the lock from the outside.

Deadbolt is the minimum security system that you must install in your home.

Deadbolts are the entrance to security. At home doors, they are a deterrent to thieves that brings calm whether we are away from home or inside. The security deadbolts complement the protection of an armored door and reinforce the simple door locking systems. Any non-armored door that does not have a deadbolt is in the high risk of theft area. Your door can be opened in seconds. According to our expert opinion and the recommendations of the state security forces, its installation is essential, unless you have an armored door installed.

Its installation by a professional is a clean and fast job and will double the security of your home. Taking advantage of the visit, the whole door is lubricated in a preventive way. In Juanjo Cerrajeros we offer several types of deadbolts for your home, depending on the type of elements your door already has, and the degree of security you wish to acquire:


  • GV Europrofile Security Deadbolt. With nickel and brass finish, Juanjo Cerrajeros has designed a deadbolt with a much more robust design than other brands in the market, and that allows the replacement of the cylinder in case of loss of keys or other inconvenience, without having to buy again the complete door bolt. The door bolt can be installed with the following cylinder modes:



  • NEX Cylinder. It is a simple security cylinder with double-sided key
  • T-60Cylinder. Made in Spain by TESA, it is a simple cylinder with double-sided key.
  • KESO MASTER REINFORCED Cylinder. High Security Cylinder made in Switzerland with copy protected key and BZ + maximum security certification by the most prestigious organisation in Germany.
  • KESO PREMIUM Cylinder. Possibly the safest cylinder on the market. There is no certification in which it that can be catalogued, because of its singularity there is not yet a category of this level.

Cylinder guard: External cylinder protector in nickel and brass finish, designed by Juanjo Cerrajeros, thought out to combine the advantages of the different cylinder guards existing in the market, all in one. With the cylinder guard we make difficult drilling the cylinder, the possibility of accessing directly to the cylinder and the vandalism.

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