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The word security, as it can not be in any other way, is very used in the field of locksmithing, however manufacturers and distributors have misrepresented the term for their own benefit. How to discern between what is advertised as «security» and what it really is?


The term «security» has been used in all cylinders in the market. Both locksmiths in general and hardware dealers in particular use it extensively to facilitate the sale, but is such a security «true»? Hardware stores and bazaars have long been selling security cylinders at very low prices. Some of them also sell eyeglasses and even anti-aging creams, but do we understand that these products should be purchased in these shops and at those prices? Are they safe? The answer is usually no.

If you want a security cylinder ask for its patent and certificate EN1303 and VDS

There is a false belief that a cylinder with dimple key is a security product, when the reality is that it was simply developed for convenience, since it can be used on both sides, unlike the pin tumbler keys. The construction of the cylinder may be deficient or correct in both the dimple and pin tumbler key systems, and in practice the vast majority of cylinders with dimple keys are very simple to open by skilled or less experienced thieves if they have the appropriate tools.


Based in the experience of Juanjo Cerrajeros there are several issues to take into account when selecting the cylinder that we are installing in our home that will ultimately be our main defense against intruders:



  • Be sure that your key will not be copied.
    Key Patent
    . The key of our cylinder may or may not be patented, which makes its reproduction not possible. So if we have a housekeeper, guilds that have done some works and we have lent a key, we have given a key to the community concierge, we have left a key to our neighbour to water us plants during the holidays and have teenage children, etc. There are multiple possibilities in which we get rid of our key for a long or short time, and all those who have had the key for this period of time could made a copy if it is an unprotected system. On the other hand, if it is a PATENTED key and with an active element inside the key, the copy of the key is not possible, except to the OWNER of the system by an authorized dealer and following a strict security protocol. Demand the certificate that proves the existence of a patent on your cylinders and keys to your dealer. The current patent is the only way for the owner of the system to have a legal guarantee that no duplicates have been made without his consent. In Juanjo Cerrajeros we register the ownership of the cylinder to its owner and we use our standard system of verification of property or we alter it to adjust it to the requirements of the customer.
  • Compliance with the security cylinder EN1303 standard or even better, the more restrictive European standard certified by the VDS security agency. The cylinders can be submitted to different security and quality tests, which give objective information on security criteria in its construction. These certifications measure the resistance to the attack with different tools like drills, chisels, torsion, extraction etc., number of possible combinations, security relative to the key and many other things. In the section «Cylinder Comparison» of Juanjo Cerrajeros you will be able to find an independent comparison of the most relevant cylinders of the market. If your cylinder does not appear, it is because it has not been considered by the comparative because it fails to meet the minimum security requirements.
  • A low-end cylinder gives you a dangerous feeling of false security
    What can happen if we have a low quiality cylinder?
    The tolerances in the inside components are greater, due to the lack of precision in its construction. This can mean that keys of other houses can open our cylinder by jumping the pins. If the possible combinations of the cylinder are scarce, in the same hardware store or bazaar they may be selling different cylinders with the same combination, and therefore the keys will open all those equal cylinders. The low-range cylinders lack of adequate protections against the lock picking and bumping, thus, the double bit key locks can be opened with a lock pick like a master key. Other cylinders like the DS15, which are very widespread in Alicante are very simple to open by bumping (See the link at the end of this article to know how bumping works). Most manufacturers use brass pins and flimsy bodies that are very easy to drill and they weathering easily because of having interior components softer than the keys themselves, causing malfunctions and breakdowns.
  • Go always to a professional: A trusted locksmith.
    Where do I get my cylinder?
    Do you trust a sticker with a mobile phone and no address? Do not accept works without invoice and always refer to your trusted professional. The tools are acquired in the hardware store, the cylinders in the locksmith, who is going to have a wide range of options according to all your requirements and will advise you with all the professionalism that give them the experience of going to opened doors, seeing open cylinders and assaulted houses, instead of being behind a counter.

Below you can download in PDF format the results of the comparison of security cylinders made by the prestigious «Security Magazine»:





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