In Juanjo Cerrajeros we make your key copy in Playa de San Juan.copia de llaves en Playa de San Juan key copy in Playa San Juan

All of us have needed at some point to make a key copy of our house, portal, office etc. We go to a hardware store or a shoemaker and observe how an operator copies our key with a metal probe and by comparison, adjusting the setting of the machine made by eye, and then in some cases even filing it with hand tools. Then we go back home and notice that the new key does not fit as fine as the original, and we also note how it scratch the cylinder in the first uses, and if the key copy is poorly done, rubs for a long time. These old techniques have been surpassed by a much more modern technology, nevertheless it requires a great investment to offer customers who want key copy in Playa de San Juan the best service.

In Juanjo Cerrajeros we make keys copy in a professional way and with an advanced electronic and automatic machinery. What are the advantages of these machines?

  • The cutters are constantly changed and kept in the best conditions since the adjustment is automatic and the operator does not have to regulate by hand with the consequent waste of time and frustration of the manual system. Note when making a keys copy in Alicante that they never change the cutters in the machines when making your copy.
    The precision and accuracy of electronic machines make exact copies
  • The machine automatically adjusts itself in a few seconds before making each key, so that the tolerances are the minimum authorized by the manufacturers.
  • In the case of work keys made by Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante, our keys will always be original and will be made by codes without needing to use the customer’s key. Use our order form on the home page.
  • If it is a keys of an installations not made by Juanjo Cerrajeros so we don’t have the code, the original key is read with a laser reader, which transmits to the software in the PC that controls the machines the read carving, where existing differences in height and positions supplied by the manufacturers can be corrected, making a perfect key.

In Juanjo Cerrajeros we copy all your keys in a professional way and with an advanced electronic and automatic machinery


One of the most important advantages of having well-made keys is the durability of the cylinders, as excessive friction between the metal surfaces wears down the internal components of the cylinders causing them to fail prematurely.

maquinas para copia de llaves key copy machine

To make key copy in Playa de San Juan come to Juanjo Cerrajeros. We can copy all your keys, visit us at Av. Goleta number 21, you will receive a perfect job.


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