Do you have a key like this one? YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.



The lock pick opens the door as if the theft had a master key for all the houses

The double bit key technology appeared as a high-end safety system and was considered like this for a long time, mainly installed in armored doors with this type of cylinder. Recently has been developed an opening technique with a special lock pick for this type of doors that can open ALL the double bit key doors within a few seconds, AS IF THE THEFT HAD THE ORIGINAL KEY and without signs of break-in.





Insurance companies do not indemnify

In addition to the obvious inconveniences caused by the robbery of our possessions, this kind of robbery can present a problem with the insurance companies as the door do not present any sign of violence, refusing to indemnify.

Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante proposes a definitive solution. You have a reinforced door which is a good investment in security. So the lock is the only weak point. We will change the lock by installing a high quality lock with ORIGINAL spare parts for your door, a new Europrofil cylinder lock, so that we solve the problem forever. Consult with our technicians the different possibilities of cylinder that can be installed in your door.


Juanjo Cerrajeros, your security specialist.