Cookies policy

In accordance with the provisions of Article 22 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, we inform you that on this website, owned by Juanjo Cerrajeros. We use cookies policy with the purpose of executing the electronic communications proper to the navigation, as well as with the purpose of providing or enabling the services or functionalities you requested.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that, once the user accesses certain sites, are downloaded to the terminal used (computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other electronic device with information on Internet browsing), stored in the memory of that terminal. Cookies allow, among other things, to store and retrieve information about a user’s browsing habits, to know the user’s web browsing experience, to know how long he has been connected to a certain site, to analyze the operation of the web pages visited, Or analyze, among other parameters, if there are technical problems in the websites that the user browses.

Typology, purpose and operation

Cookies can be divided, depending on their permanence in the user’s terminal, in session or permanent cookies. The first ones expire when the user closes the browser used in his session. The latter expire when the objective for which they were set is met or when they are manually deleted from the web browser itself.

Additionally, depending on your objective, we can distinguish:

  • Registration Cookies.- These are strictly necessary, essential for the operation of the website visited. They are generated when the user accesses or logs on to the website and is used to identify the user on the site in order to (i) keep the user identified so that if he leaves the website and subsequently re-accesses the site Same site, browser or device, will continue to identify the user, facilitating navigation without having to re-identify; (Ii) verify if the user is entitled to access certain services or pages within the website.
    Performance Cookies.- They are used to improve the Internet browsing experience and optimize the functioning of the website (for example, store the purchase made in a virtual shopping cart).
    Advertising Cookies.- They are those that collect information about the ads displayed to the users of the website, arriving at the possibility of being personalized for each user, depending on the websites visited.
    Geo-location cookies.- They are used to find out in which country or region the user is located in order to offer content or services appropriate to their location.
    Analytical Cookies.- Collect information about the user’s browsing experience on the website, usually anonymously, although sometimes allows unequivocal identification of the user in order to obtain reports on the interests of users in the services offered the website.

Is my consent required to implement a cookie?

The consent for the installation of technical cookies or those strictly necessary for the provision of a service of the information society expressly requested by the user is not required.

For the installation of other cookies, it will be necessary to obtain the consent of the user, which, in the case of, will be understood by you if you continue to use the website. Such consent may be revoked at any time, by deactivating the cookies, in accordance with what is indicated in this Policy.

What kind of cookies do we use at uses both its own and third party cookies. Below we detail the cookies used in our website and the purpose of them, expressly warning that is not responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies of the third party components included in this website:

The application we use to get and analyze navigation information is: Google Analytics: and

This application has been developed by Google, which provides the service of analysis of the audience of our page. This company can use this data to improve its own services and to offer services to other companies. You can know these other uses from the indicated links.

This information is used to improve our site, to detect new needs and to evaluate the improvements to be introduced in order to provide a better service to the users who visit us.

Can I disable the use of cookies?

You may disable the use of cookies at any time by modifying the settings of your browser:

For Google Chrome cookie settings

Note: These steps may vary depending on your browser version:

  1. Go to Settings or Preferences using the File menu or by clicking the customization icon at the top right.
  2. You will see different sections, click Show advanced options.
  3. Go to Privacy, Content Settings.
  4. Select All cookies and site data.
  5. A list with all the cookies sorted by domain will appear. To make it easier for you to find the cookies for a particular domain, enter the address in the Search for cookies field in whole or in part.
  6. After this filter will appear on the screen one or more lines with the cookies of the requested web. Now you just have to select it and press the X to proceed to its elimination.
    For Internet Explorer’s cookie configuration:


  1. Go to Tools, Internet Options
  2. Click on Privacy.
  3. Move the slider until you adjust the level of privacy you want.

For Firefox cookie settings:

  1. Go to Options or Preferences depending on your operating system.
  2. Click on Privacy.
  3. In History choose Use a custom settings for history.
  4. You will now see the Accept cookies option, you can activate or deactivate it according to your preferences.

For Safari cookie settings:

  1. Go to Settings, then Safari.
  2. Go to Privacy and Security, you will see the Block Cookies option to adjust the type of block you want to perform.

If you disable cookies on the site of, it is possible that some functionalities and services of the site are disabled.

Cookie Policy Update

Juanjo Cerrajeros will modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with the legislative, regulatory or for the purpose of adapting said Policy to the instructions coming from the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, reason why users are advised to visit it periodically.