5.0 Series Armored Door

Eurosegur 5.0 Series offers a very high resistance door to attacks that should be installed in places with critical risk levels of robbery such as exclusive residential areas considered luxury and companies bound by INT / 314-318 / 2011 Ministerial Orders.


Attempts of theft with a critical risk level are carried out by professionally organized crime gangs, who use all kinds of tools with expertise and are willing to take any risk by investing the necessary time and noise and even using violence against people in order to achieve success in attempted theft.


To overcome these panic situations, it is essential to install a door with Eurosegur 5.0 Series with CLASS 5 Breaking Resistance but also provides high protection of the closing points that are most vulnerable to attack.

Technical features:

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Double outer / inner galvanized steel blindage
  • Strategically located internal reinforcements and nerves
  • Aluminum profiles
  • 5 steel hinges
  • 2 heavy duty steel double bolts 12 kN
  • EN 12209 CLASS 7 lock «maximum resistance to attack»
  • 2 mm anti-block manganese sheet
  • EN 1906 GRADE 4 protector of flared steel «high resistance to breaking»
  • CLASS 6 DIGIT 7 – CLASS 2 DIGIT 8 anti-burglary, anti-burst and uncopyable security cylinder
  • Windbreaker


Juanjo Cerrajeros, your security specialist