3.0 series armored door

Eurosegur 3.0 Series presents a door with high resistance to attacks that is recommended for places with a medium risk level of being stolen, such as houses or businesses in the city.


In the city, the thief needs to act quickly and without making any noise in his attempts to steal. The fear of finding a neighbor or even a police car when leaving the place with the booty prompts you to act where there is less risk of being discovered and especially where the door is not an obstacle to achieve its success. He will therefore search for the easiest alternatives and abandon those that are a true physical barrier to his attack.


Eurosegur recommends for those who live in the city and want to drive away the thieves to install a Eurosegur 3.0 Series door with CLASS 3 attack resistance and high protection at their closing points that are the most vulnerable to attacks.


Technical features:


  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Double outer / inner galvanized steel blindage
  • Strategically located internal reinforcements and nerves
  • Aluminum profile with burlap that increases watertightness
  • Steel hinges (minimum 3 per door)
  • 2 front steel double bolts
  • Lock EN 12209 CLASS 7 «maximum resistance to drill»
  • 2 mm anti-drill manganese sheet
  • Cylinder guard of flared steel EN 1906 GRADE 4 «high resistance to breaking»
  • Antibumping and anti- breaking security cylinder EN 1303 CLASS 6 DIGIT 7 – CLASS 1 DIGIT 8
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation (rock wool)
  • Windbreaker


Juanjo Cerrajeros, your security specialist