Protect your home or business with the best armored doors

puertas-acorazadas ARMORED DOORSArmored doors are the best option to protect your family, and in Juanjo Cerrajeros we have the one that fits your needs.

fulfill all your security and aesthetic aspirations. Not all armored doors in the market are the same, call us and let us advise you by our professionals.

Here are the recommended features and applications for each model:

Series 3.0 basic, security at the best price.  It offers a door with high resistance to attacks and can be installed in places with low robbery risk.

Series 3.0, the security you deserve. It has a high resistance to attack and is recommended for places with a medium risk of being stolen, such as houses or businesses in the city.

Series 4.0, a plus in the security of your home. It offers a door with very high resistance to attacks, recommended for places with high risk levels of being robbed such as houses or businesses of the outskirts of the cities.

Series 5.0, maximum expression in the protection of home and business. It offers a very high resistance door to attacks that should be installed in places with critical risk robbery levels such as exclusive luxury houses and companies bound by INT / 314-318 / 2011 Ministerial Orders.


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