4.0 Series Armored Door

4.0 Series offers a door with very high resistance to attacks recommended for places with high risk levels of being robbed such as houses or businesses of the outskirts of the cities.


The further away from the center of the city, the more time a thief has and increase the possibility of making noise in his attacks as it diminishes the fear of being discovered. The density of the population is lower and the police, even coming after a warning alarm, it takes some time to arrive and thiefs know it and they are normally willing to take this risk. It could be expected that these thiefs prepare a forceful attack to achieve its success.


To overcome these panic situations, it is essential to install at least one 4.0 Series door with CLASS 4 resistance to breaking and high protection of the closing points that are the most vulnerable to attack.

Technical features:

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Double outer / inner galvanized steel blindage
  • Strategically located internal reinforcements and nerves
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Steel hinges (minimum 3 per door)
  • 2 heavy duty steel double bolts 12 kN
  • EN 12209 CLASS 7 Lock «maximum resistance to attack»
  • 2 mm anti-block manganese sheet
  • Flared steel Cylinder guard EN 1906 GRADE 4 «high resistance to breaking»
  • CLASS 6 DIGIT 7 – CLASS 2 DIGIT 8 anti-burglary, anti-breaking and uncopyable security cylinder
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation (rock wool)
  • Windbreaker
  • Overlapping flashing metal flap

Juanjo Cerrajeros, your security specialist